UPDATE- TASHI JONG on YouTube http://youtu.be/H0zjWX6o0PM

19 04 2015

IMG_3528Now you can watch the full length video as seen on PBS affiliates: TASHI JONG on YouTube



Full length 45 min film on YouTube http://youtu.be/H0zjWX6o0PM

19 04 2015

Story of a Tibetan Exile community in Northern India, Tashi Jong Community and Khampagar Monastery which was the vision of the great 8th Khamtul Rinpoche after he escaped to India  from Chinese in 1958. Today the community thrives under the directorship  of the 9th Khamtrul Rinpoche. 

TASHI JONG an award winning 45min documentary film http://youtu.be/H0zjWX6o0PM

19 04 2015

http://youtu.be/H0zjWX6o0PM Monastic Dance & Ritual Guru Rinpoche Birthday, KHAMPAGAR/TASHI JONG Community everday life . 

Filmed 1992&1994

Free viewing of TASHI JONG film online

29 01 2015

You are invited to watch the 45 min video about TASHI JONG/KHAMPAGAR MONASTERY free online.
TASHI JONG (1998) was chosen for the online Spirit Enlightened festival.

TASHI JONG was filmed in1992 &1994 and completed in 1998 under the guidance of Tsoknyi Rinpoche, then President of the Tashi Jong Communnity.

TASHI JONG/KHAMPAGAR MONASTERY in on-line free film festival

29 03 2014


“With heartfelt narration in English by a Tibetan woman, this poetic film conveys a message of Universal Compassion and the Ancient Wisdom of Tibetan Buddhist teachings.
Now you can watch this 45 minute award winning film TASHI JONG (means “Auspicious Valley” ) at the free online film festival-




2014 What People Say about TASHI JONG and Barbara’s Bio.

3 04 2007

This is a critical time in the history of the Tibetan struggle, the very survival of Tibet’s unique Buddhist and cultural heritage is threatened. In this world plagued with violence, warfare, and emotional suffering, Tibetan Buddhist teachings, with their emphasis on universal compassion and non-violence, offers an alternative vision for our modern world
Barbara Green,MSW is Founder/Director at Tibetan Video Preservation Project a recognized nonprofit organization in State of California and includes the video work of the Tibetan Video Project, 1992-2014.

In 1992 I had the honor of meeting Dugu Choegyal Rinpoche, then president of the Tashi Jong community located in Northern India while he was visiting Berkely, California. His passion and concern about preserving Tibetan culture in exile, was infectious and I impulsively offer to come to TJ to video record a cycle of sacred dances for historical purposes. To my amazement, he accepted and 6 weeks later I was on a plane to Delhi, my first video camera in hand.

Although I had been work for 25+ yrs as a psychotherapist and never made a film before, I had been interested in the world of Direct Cinema and using film to document social issues since a Social Work Grad student at NYU in early 70’s.

In 1994, I was invited to return to Tashi Jong where I lived for 6 weeks documenting the daily life and rituals of the community.
Acclaimed filmmaker Nathaniel Dorsky undertook the structuring and editing and all aspects of post production. Together we gave birth to a film called a “love poem to the Tibetan people”
20 years since the filming, this film remain relevant and stands as an archive of the earlier years in the Tibetan exile struggle to replant and nurture their endangered culture in exile.



Welcome To Tashi Jong

16 02 2007

Tashi Jong is an intimate portrayal of life in one of the first Tibetan refugee communities established in India for the preservation of Tibet’s ancient culture, sacred arts, and Buddhist teachings. From the everyday activities of lay people and monks to elaborate monastic rituals and sacred lama dancing, this 45-minute award-winning documentary reveals the unbroken faith, devotion, and courage of the Tibetan people as they preserve their endangered heritage as a living reality in exile.