What People are Saying about TASHI JONG film and BARBARA GREEN’s film Bio and Story behind making TASHI JONG

What People are Saying about TASHI JONG film
and Story behind making TASHI JONG

This is a critical time in the history of the Tibetan struggle, the very survival of Tibet’s unique Buddhist and cultural heritage is threatened–excerpted from HH 14th Dalai Lama

Quote: “In this world plagued with violence, warfare, and emotional suffering, Tibetan Buddhist teachings, with their emphasis on universal compassion and non-violence, offers an alternative vision for our modern world” Joanna Macy,PhD Buddhist scholar, Author,Systems Theorist, and a treasured voice of wisdom in our challenging world.
Barbara Green,MSW is Founder/Director at Tibetan Video Preservation Project a recognized nonprofit organization in State of California since 2013. TVPP includes the video work of Barbara Green and the Tibetan Video Project, coving a wide range of Tibetan topic filmed in USA, Northern India, Bhutan,and Eastern Tibet, 1992-2014.

In 1992 I had the honor of meeting Dugu Choegyal Rinpoche, then president of the Tashi Jong community located in Northern India while he was visiting Berkely, California. His passion and concern about preserving Tibetan culture in exile, was infectious and I impulsively offer to come to TJ to video record a cycle of sacred dances for historical purposes. To my amazement, he accepted and 6 weeks later I was on a plane to Delhi, my first video camera in hand.

In my professional life I was working for 25+ yrs as a psychotherapist and had never made a film before. I had been interested in the world of Direct Cinema and using film to document social issues since a Social Work Grad student at NYU in early 70’s and dabbled in film making classes at the New School of Social Research.

Two years later in 1994, I was invited to return to Tashi Jong where I lived for 6 weeks and received permission to document the daily life and rituals of the community. I returned with another 100 hours of tape..but what to do next was a daunting task!

During the post production years, acclaimed filmmaker Nathaniel Dorsky was a blessing to work with. He undertook the structuring and editing and all aspects of post production. Together,with the support and encouragement of renowned Tibetan teacher, TSOKNYI RINPOCHE then Tashi Jong/Khampagar Monastery President, and help from friends both Tibetan and Western, TASHI JONG. a film called a “love poem to the Tibetan people” was born.

Now 20 years since filming began,TASHI JONG’s content and beauty stands as an relevant archive documenting earlier years in the Tibetan refugee struggle to replant and nurture their endangered heritage in exile.



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